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Fabric Expressions-- Handsewn Quilting Exhibit 2017

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 You can Invite this beauitful aray in fabric expressions-- Theme: Whatever Happen to Purple ??

  We also Have a new & exciting Workshop called " Paper Quilting" FUN Everyone can enjoy these

    creative community activities  All age groups are always welcome Construction paper in bright colors,

   simple glue sticks and the shape and emotions cut into fabric .. creat your picture or you can borrow our photo than the fun begins

Celebrating Our- Story ( African Black- History ) 2017

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Our Ancestors created a journey carved in stone , so we as the children could gain the WISDOM to Protect a Nation of People: We must Read---- Research ---and Record our story Carry that Ancestor's torch  to Pass  On-------- We Must create " FIRE ON THE EARTH ". Education is Freedom to Enhance your Mental Passions. Let's Start Teaching Real History to our Children.

Spirits In Motion/Freedom Students: we are the Gate-keepers for the children-- Peace.....

Sacred Griot Grandmother Edna The Original " Griot Traveler" Standing Our Ground On " ORAL LORE"   Stay Tuned In On " Keepers Of The Flames" -- African Storytellers Events.. WE MUST GO BACK TO PAY OUSELVES FORWARD ******

Join our Task force for Afrodescendants for Reparations

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We are uniting for our genealogy Research - DNA-- YOu need to Know Learning to Read -Research- and Record our new jou rney for Reparations Join in the Study of Genealogy to Up date your Heritage and demand our Compensations for all our En-slaved Ancestors. When will you step in We will keep working for Our Black Dollars$$$$$$ 2016

Celebration 2016--and 365 days a year of African Oral Lore

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 Support A Grandmother's Pilgrimage- Historical Theater- 

  Do You Have Our Later African American History- SOUVENIR FEBRUARY CALENDAR

                                                    (365 Days A Year Resource Guide ** Book

  If You Do Not - You Can Just DONATE $19.95 by : PAY PAL: on this Site & we will Mail the Special Gift directly to YOU**  A Must Own research Suoprt Guide for Your Children Homework -- Classroom & Special Reports..

African American History SOUVENIR FEBRUARY CALENDAR (365 Days A Year ** Resource Guide Book**

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On Sale 2015 ( Donation $19.95 ) This book has a 21 count Resource book List, Researched History on the Slave Industry of Richmond Va. - that hasn't made it to our children's classrooms

You must check out It's Black inventor's List---- Awesome Full Color Historical Photos

Books for Our Club Readers: 2016

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 1.From Babylon to Timbuktu: Author-Rudolph R. Windsor

 2.The Hidden Contributors: Author- AAron E. Klein

 3.Colored People: Author- Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

 4.Legacy ( Treasures of Black History )- Authors: Thomas C. Battle, Donna > Wells and John Hope Franklin

As this story unfolds you will be able to tell not His tory but Our story!!!


  Oh! Yes We Need YOU to Write US a COMMENT

Book Club One For Beginners ) You CAN START RIGHT HERE__2016

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African History studies-  2015 ( We Continue this Book Club- just for YOU )

1. AFRICANA- The Encyclopedia of the African & African- American Experience

2.The Collected Poems of Langston Hudges ( Arnold Rampersad7 David Roessel )

3.People of Color in the BIBLE series 1 ( Lecturer & Author: William Gilbert Emanuel)

4. Legacy - The Treasures of Black History ( Thomas C. Battle & Donna M. Wells< JOHN HENRY FRANKLIN )

5.The Mis-Education of The Negro ( Carter G. Woodson)

join as a member and enjoy the wealth of reading exchange--Your book Our Book

We are still reading********* join us*****